Starting a Business in Bremerton

Getting Started in Bremerton in Three Easy Steps

  1. Location, Location, Location:

    Conduct research and find the best location for your business. Not all spaces are suitable for certain types of business uses. City zoning exists to protect you and your neighbors from incompatible uses. If you are unsure about zoning requirements for your business, and would like some site assistance in finding the right location, contact the Department of Community Development at 360-473-5275.
  2. Register your business with WA State:

    If you create a name for your business that is different than your own legal name, you need to register the business name with WA State Department of Licensing at and get your UBI number. This step needs to be completed before obtaining a Business License from the City of Bremerton.
  3. Apply for a City of Bremerton Business License:

    The basic business license fee is currently $75 per year. Home-based businesses are also required to apply for a business license and require zoning approval. In addition, businesses that are located outside of Bremerton, but doing business in Bremerton (such as vendors, consultants and contractors) are required to apply and pay for a Bremerton business license. Visit the Business & Landlord License Center to learn more.
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