All About Annexation

The City of Bremerton is exploring annexation of unincorporated (Kitsap County) lands within several Urban Growth Areas near city limits. An Urban Growth Area (UGA) is a place designated by long range regional and state plans to accommodate population growth, and eventually become part of a city. Lands outside of UGAs must remain either rural or natural resource lands. In the long term the City of Bremerton is the most efficient provider of basic urban services like drinking water, sewer service, and road maintenance to all of it UGAs. In fact, Bremerton already provides many basic urban services to the unincorporated lands within its UGAs.

Through the city's 2004 Comprehensive Plan, the city and Kitsap County created an expectation that UGAs would be annexed to the city with a 20 year planning horizon. At this time Bremerton is taking steps towards this goal.
Annexation Map
Recently Completed Annexations
Annexation Fiscal Analysis Studies
In you are interested in receiving additional information regarding recent annexations or the annexation process please contact the City Planner at 360-473-5287.