South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA)

(In 2014 SKIA was renamed to Puget Sound Industrial Center - Bremerton)

All About SKIA

The South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA) is a large UGA of approximately 3,400 acres adjacent to the southern tip of the City of Bremerton. SKIA includes the Bremerton National Airport, an array of industrial uses, and extensive vacant lands with potential for industrial and other high intensity uses.

On April 22, 2008 the City of Bremerton received 2 annexation petitions from property owners within SKIA, and 2 letters of interest to join those petitions.
Staff produced an updated Financial Assessment of the annexation proposal (an earlier version was produced in 2007), and you can view and download.
If you have any questions regarding the South Kitsap Industrial Area annexations please contact the City Planner at 360-473-5287.