Tracyton Area

Completed Annexation
During 2006, the City of Bremerton conducted an annexation study and community process within the East Bremerton UGA, in the vicinity of Tracyton. Following this process, the city completed an annexation of an 84 acre tract including the former Tracyton watershed parcel and territory stretching along Tracyton Beach Drive. The annexation became effective on February 1, 2007.
2006 Tracyton Area Annexation Report
Other Potential Tracyton Area Annexations
The 2006 City of Bremerton Study identified a second location in which to pursue annexation. The city hopes to pursue an annexation in the Pine Road corridor south of Riddell Road in the coming years. The Pine Road corridor includes a number of already urbanized residential subdivisions and apartment complexes, which receive most of their urban services from the City of Bremerton. A map of the potential annexation area in the Pine Road corridor is included in the Tracyton Area Annexation Report posted above.
Tracyton Area Map