Housing Rehabilitation

The Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program provides low-income secured loans to eligible homeowners to address vital home repairs for owner-occupied homes. Priority is given to improvements that correct health and safety issues. Funding is not available at this time; please contact program staff at 360-473-5375 for waiting list information.

The borrower must first qualify for the program based on household income. Next, the city will perform a home inspection with a professional Construction Manager. The Construction Manager and the city will determine which home repairs fit the Program's goals and priorities, and are eligible for Program financing. The city's "second mortgage" rehabilitation loan will then be used to pay the materials, labor, and certain management costs of the project. The maximum loan is $20,000 with 3% or 5% interest. Principal and interest are deferred for 15 years. A loan becomes due prior to the 15 year term in the event of sale, transfer of ownership, or change of use of the property.

Existing owner-occupied single-family residences within the Bremerton city limits are eligible for rehabilitation under this program. Owner occupied duplex or property with 1 accessory rental unit may qualify under the program, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.