Permit Legal Notices

Notice Of: Permit Number Project Description General Vicinity Comment/Appeal Period Closes Contact Person
Determination of Non-Significance  BP17-00294  Project involves the replacement of a main truck sewer line at the City's Westside Wastewater Treatment Plan, upgrading two collector lines from 10 inch and 12 inch diameter pipes to two 24 inch diameter pipes, a stacked block retaining wall, 8,500 cubic yards of fill to beplaced on site, and 3,500 cubic yards of overburden to be excavated and removed to an approved offsite location.  1600 Oyster Bay Ave S  06/05/2017  Ryan Crater, 360-473-5279 
Notice of Shoreline Application and SEPA Determination  BP17-00031  Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, and SEPA to construct a 205 unit multifamily structure with 5 floors over 2 levels of parking. Site and development work will include 48,617 sf of grading, a public access viewing facility, landscaping and stormwater control facilities.   2313 Wheaton Way  06/18/2017 @ 5:00 PM  Garrett Jackson, 360-473-5289