Permit Legal Notices

Notice Of: Permit Number Project Description General Vicinity Comment/Appeal Period Closes Contact Person
Application and SEPA Determination  BP18-00044  Site Plan Review Permit & SEPA Review (File # BP18 00044): Applicant Harbor Custom Homes proposes 241 detached single-family residential units located on an approximately 88 acre site adjacent to Werner Road (existing parcel #’s 202401-1-007-2004, 202401-4-009-2006, 202401-4-008-2007,  202401-4-003-2002, 202401-4-004-2001, 202401-4-005-2000, 202401-4-006-2009, 202401-4-007-2008, 202401-4-010-2003, & 202401-4-002-2003). Proposal includes constructing public streets, stormwater retention ponds, grading 800,000 cubic yards cut/fill, creating open space areas and other landscaping. The City of Bremerton has received application for the proposal described above. Consistent with the provisions of Bremerton Municipal Code, a fifteen (15) day comment period will be utilized to obtain comments on the Notice of Application. A Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance (MDNS) is expected to be issued and the optional DNS process, pursuant to WAC 197-11-355, is being used. This may be the only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of the proposal. Based on any substantive comments received, the proposal may include mitigation measures under applicable codes, and the project review process may incorporate or require mitigation measures regardless of whether an EIS is prepared. A copy of the subsequent threshold determination for the specific proposal may be obtained upon request. Any person may submit written comments on the application by the time and date above. Any person may also request to receive a copy of the decision once made, and any appeal rights.   Werner Road  07/20/2018 @ 5:00 PM  Garrett Jackson, 360-473-5289
Application  BP18-00060 Washington Renovations, LLC proposes to subdivide a 0.88 acre lot into two lots.  2008 Trenton Avenue  07/06/2018 @ 5:00 PM  Kelli Lambert, 360-473-5245