Permit Legal Notices

Notice Of: Permit Number Project Description General Vicinity Comment/Appeal Period Closes Contact Person
Notice of Shoreline Application and SEPA Determination  BP17-00031  Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, and SEPA to construct a 205 unit multifamily structure with 5 floors over 2 levels of parking. Site and development work will include 48,617 sf of grading, a public access viewing facility, landscaping and stormwater control facilities.   2313 Wheaton Way  06/18/2017 @ 5:00 PM  Garrett Jackson, 360-473-5289 
Notice of Application  BP17-00038  Conditional Use Permit to establish a roofing supply company.  1305 Marine Drive  06/21/2017 @ 5:00 PM  Garrett Jackson, 360-473-5289
Notice of Public Hearing     The City Council will conduct a public hearing regarding an ordinance to amend the Bremerton Municipal Code Title 20, regarding Accessory Dwelling Units, Automobile Service and Repair, and minor amendments including:  appeals, fences, occupied recreation and vehicles,.  345 6th Street, Council Chambers  06/21/2017 @ 5:30 PM  Kelli Lambert, 360-473-5245