Lebo Boulevard Road Improvements

Project Status (Updated February 24, 2017)

Our project team is making the final push to advertise this beautiful project for construction. We are working to advertise the project in early March and award the project to the contractor with the successful low bid on April 5th. This timeline should result in construction starting between mid-May and early June.

Gus Garcia, our previous project manager, has departed Bremerton for a new and challenging position with the City of SeaTac. Taking up Gus’ duties is Rick Zimburean, an experienced and capable City of Bremerton supervisor and project manager. Rick has lots of experience managing projects and his first priority is to get to know every resident and property owner along the Lebo street frontage. Please feel free to contact Rick any time at Rick.Zimburean@ci.bremerton.wa.us or phone 360-473-5334. No issue or concern is too small to shoot Rick an email or give him a call.   

There is work that needs to be done ahead of the main construction contract. Our Bremerton staff will be moving the water meters to new locations outside of the project footprint. Likely that work will take place in April and will involve short water outages to each service (likely less than an hour). We will keep everyone updated as we get closer to the work happening. In addition, the wire utilities will need to be moved back as well, and Rick is coordinating that work with PSE and the cable companies. It looks like that work will happen in May.

We will be scheduling another neighborhood meeting after we get more information about who our prime contractor will be – that meeting likely will be toward the end of April.  

We know from our previous neighborhood meetings that there is concern about the rubbelization of the old concrete street. As discussed at the last meeting, we are specifying a technique that uses a very high frequency impact head. The video link showing how this works is available here.

We believe use of this technique will work very well and will not damage the adjacent infrastructure and will not damage house foundations, etc. However, if you are concerned, please get with Rick so that we can get good pre-project photo documentation of your house.  

Our project team is looking forward to working with all of you as this transformational project gets underway!  

In October 2016 a public meeting was held, the presentation materials are available for download: PowerPoint Presentation - October 11, 2016 (PDF). Staff presented the preliminary roadway alignment, discussed the urban design elements, and recorded feedback from those in attendance. SCJ Alliance delivered the preliminary design and the City’s technical staff provided comments. With the public feedback, and technical comments from the City, SCJ has been directed to move the design forward toward a final design. Over the next several months City staff will be reaching out property owners on Lebo Boulevard to discuss impacts to the Right-of-Way adjacent to their properties.   

Project Updates

The city has started a project e-mail list to provide updates for interested citizens. To receive project updates, please sign up.

Project Overview

The City of Bremerton has been awarded a Transportation Improvement Board grant from the State to reconstruct and rehabilitate Lebo Boulevard from Lower Wheaton Way to Sheridan Road. The 1.1 mile stretch was originally built in the 1950's and the old concrete panel construction creates a jolting experience for users of the road. The grant provides for a new roadway surface, new sidewalks, lighting, pedestrian improvements and landscaping. The City will also accomplish upgrades to the stormwater system and minor improvements to the water and sewer systems.  

The City of Bremerton sought input from the public regarding the project at two public meeting early this year and through an online open house and comment card. With that feedback the City has developed a design scope and has hired the engineering firm SCJ Alliance to design the improvements.  

The current design direction is:
  • Roadway cross sections developed for sections of road to maximize on street parking, see cross sections below.
  • Standard 6’ sidewalks and bike lanes on the inland side of the roadway.
  • Combined use pathways on the water side of the roadway.
  • New pedestrian luminaires and utility poles will be located at the back of walk.
  • Regulatory speed information is proposed as MMA markings on the street at 750’ intervals.
  • No parking signs (as needed) will located at back of walk.
  • Bulb outs for traffic calming have been included at the intersections. This provides a location to place Stop signs/street name and recreational/wayfinding information out of the shared use space.