Reservoir 4 Cover Replacement


Reservoir 4 is an 11 million gallon in-ground reservoir located in West Bremerton. It is a critical component of the City’s water system since it is the primary distribution reservoir in West Bremerton. The existing floating membrane cover and liner have degraded and need to be replaced in order to provide adequate protection of the water supply. The City retained HDR to evaluate several different cover alternatives, including steel, concrete, aluminum, and floating membrane. A life cycle cost analysis determined that hard covers, which would provide the longest life, were cost prohibitive and that replacing the existing cover with a similar floating cover would be the most cost-effective solution. HDR is currently designing the new cover and construction is anticipated to begin in early 2017.    


The construction cost estimate is $830,000. The project is fully funded by a DWSRF loan.  


The new cover is currently being designed by HDR. Bidding for construction is anticipated in November. Construction is scheduled from January through June 2017.

Supporting Documentation and Photographs

Updated October 26, 2016