Reservoir 16 Exterior Coatings Replacement

Project Status (Updated July 22, 2016)

Bell Painting and Coatings is the NACE Inspector for this project. 

The contractor began work on this project by pressure washing the tank in June. After that, scaffolding was erected and the shrinkwrap process was completed. The shrinkwrap material contains the majority of debris created by blasting the tank surface to remove existing coating and prep for new.

The project is on schedule to complete by contract substantial completion date, August 14, 2016.


Reservoir 16 is a 1-million gallon welded-steel water reservoir located in East Bremerton. An exterior coating assessment report was prepared by Northwest Corrosion Engineering in December 2014 which recommends recoating of the exterior of this reservoir. This project includes removing the existing exterior coating and installing a new exterior coating. The reservoir was constructed in 1976.  It is 95-feet in diameter and approximately 20 feet in height.   

Bids were opened on March 31, 2016. Coatings Unlimited was the lowest responsible, responsive bidder in the amount of $315,610.45 (which includes sales tax). Notice to Proceed was issued May 16, 2016 and Substantial Completion set for August 14, 2016. 

Northwest Corrosion Engineering Reservoir Coating Assessment

Northwest Corrosion Engineering completed their external coatings evaluation for the City of Bremerton's Reservoir 16 in December 2014. The Reservoir 16 Exterior Coating Assessment (PDF) is available for download.