Anderson Creek Hypochlorite Building Project

Project Overview

In the past, the use of gas chlorine for drinking water disinfection was the industry standard due to its low cost and effectiveness; however, due to safety concerns this is no longer the case.   For approximately the last 10-years, the City has been eliminating gas chlorine and moving to a liquid hypochlorite solution which serves the same purpose.  Anderson Creek Pump Station 2 is the last installation of gas chlorine equipment to be eliminated. With the completion of this project, the City will no longer have any gas chlorine stored in any of its facilities.

The project includes construction of site piping, cast-in-place retaining wall and a new masonry building that will house sodium hypochlorite storage and dosing equipment in the future. Following construction of the building by SGC General Contractors, the City’s Water Resources Division will install the various process equipment that is required for a complete system and remove the existing gas chlorine at this location. 

Bids were opened on February 3, 2016 at 1:00pm with SGC General Contractors being the apparent low, responsive, responsible bidder in the amount of $367,322.95 (which includes sales tax). SGC was issued the Notice to Proceed on March 7, 2016. The contract term is 160 days making the Substantial Completion Date August 14, 2016.

Project Status (Updated July 22, 2016)

During the foundation excavation for the Hypochlorite Building, the uphill slope experienced a failure that threatened the excavation. It was necessary to stop the work and evaluate the situation and material was excavated. Further excavation was required when it was deemed that the PSE power conduits were in danger of being damaged. This work caused a delay in the original schedule, however, the hill is now stable, the road rebuilt and the wall is in place.

Over the next few weeks the contractor will be working on completing fire suppression systems (which is about 80% installed) plumbing and electrical rough ins, installing metal soffits, HVAC Finish. & electrical finish/controls

The contractor is on schedule to meet the expected Substantial Completion date for this project, September 1, 2016.