WSDOT Culvert Project


Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is replacing the existing culverts on Anderson Creek on the south side of Sinclair Inlet to eliminate a fish barrier. The culverts are located under Highway 16 and Anderson Hill Road. In order to accommodate the culvert installation the City Utility is required to relocate a water transmission main and a gravity sewer line. The work must be done in conjunction with the culvert removal and replacement. In order to reduce the potential for delays, and potential conflicts between two contractors using the same site, the City’s work will be incorporated into the WSDOT construction contract. The City is providing the design documents for the relocation of the water and sewer mains, and will provide minor inspection services for the City portion of the work. WSDOT will coordinate the design, advertise and award the construction contract, and provide construction management oversight of the project.  

The estimated construction costs are $246,173.80 and is fully funded by the water and sewer utilities.

Construction is scheduled to start June 7th and end in October 2016. The City portion of the project will take place in August or September 2016. During the construction, the 18” water main will need to be taken out of service a couple of times. The outages will last 1 to 1.5 weeks at a time.

See WSDOT's SR 16 - Remove Fish Barriers Webpage for detailed and up to date information on this Washington State Department of Transportation project.