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Chief Strachan's Weekly Update

Mar 17

March 14, 2016

Posted on March 17, 2016 at 8:59 AM by Kelsie Donleycott

Late last week Officer Dana Clevenger investigated a burglary to a church in East Bremerton, and as the week progressed, we had at least four more burglaries of churches and commercial buildings in the same area. Officer Clevenger gathered physical evidence and reviewed the security footage, and was able to obtain a photo of the suspect, and show the photo to others who frequent the area. One identified the suspect as 29 year old Trenton Towne. The officer confirmed Towne was the suspect by comparing his booking photo to the video. It appears that Towne was in one of the churches earlier last Friday, giving Towne the opportunity to leave a door ajar or somehow rig it to remain unlocked. Follow up by Det. Beau Ayers has linked Towne to other burglaries and we obtained an arrest warrant for Towne for two counts of Burglary. The case was highlighted on Washington's Most Wanted over the weekend. 
Last Friday night Officers responded to 12th Street for a report of an in-progress fight involving several people. Officers discovered a drunken melee stemming from a house party, ultimately determined that the resident had an arrest warrant. As officers attempted to detain him, with one handcuff on one wrist, he decided he would choose that moment to run into a sliding glass door, shattering it. Unfortunately, the officer was still semi-attached to the suspect, and suffered minor injuries. Officer Bryan Hall and his K-9 partner Ando responded to the scene, and quickly located the suspect. Sgt. Heffernan noted that Ando bit the suspect "in the area of the body that my young son refers to as his 'crunch'."  The male was transported to the hospital to be treated, and later to jail.
Also on Friday night, officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, they observed a man walking away from the area. He denied being at the apartment where the dispute had occurred, and even had difficulty recalling his name and date of birth. At one point, he said that he could not recall his birthday "because of the cold weather". Since it was unseasonably warm, officers made the assumption that the man had an outstanding arrest warrant, or had possibly just assaulted someone in the apartment. Officer Switzer delved a little further and discovered that he was actually violating a court protection order with a female at the residence. The man went to jail. 
Officer Hall was driving on Kitsap Way Saturday night with his rear windows down (so Ando can get his fresh air) when he heard a loud whooshing sound coming from behind him. Officer Hall saw a car approaching him at a very high rate of speed. He assumed it must be a State Trooper headed to a crash. As the car passed him in the outside lane, Officer Hall looked at the vehicle and thought to himself, "hmmm...Troopers don't generally drive a gold Lexus." The Lexus was going at an estimated 100 miles per hour when Officer Hall last saw the car going over the crest of the hill near the AAA building across from the cemetery. After getting over the hill, the tail lights were gone, and the car had gone down a very steep embankment after losing control.  It struck a small tree on the passenger side then landed approximately 90 feet down. The female driver was smoking a cigarette and was most likely too high and/or intoxicated to have any serious injuries. The Fire Department used ropes to get to the driver and help pull her up the hillside. The State Patrol assisted in arresting her for Impaired Driving, and she was also revoked and had a Dept. of Corrections Warrant. 
We will title this one "Do You Really Want to Draw Attention to Yourself?" Also on Saturday, a woman was ejected from a motel in West Bremerton. When she was told to leave, she went out to her pickup and started honking the horn so her friend would come down from the room. The clerk called the police because of the noise. You guessed it-the woman had a $10,000.00 arrest warrant for Burglary. She was arrested and provided new lodging arrangements in downtown Port Orchard.
Lt. Pete Fisher has submitted his resignation for the 27th of this month to accept his appointment as Fife P.D.'s new Chief. That is a loss for us, but a great selection by Fife; Pete is a very talented leader and we have been fortunate to work with him. We will be making a presentation to Pete at the March 16 Council meeting at 5:30 PM. 
Finally, our officers continue to do great work fighting crime and sending the message that Bremerton is not the place to be for criminals. Sgt. Renfro passed this on to me:
Talked with a Corrections Officer at the jail and she mentioned how some inmates are complaining how BPD is all over them. One made a comment similar to, "I can't even open my front door without getting arrested." I told her that was our goal.
Work Hard - Have Fun - Stay Safe

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