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  1. BKAT Project Proposal Worksheet

    BKAT Project Proposal Worksheet

  2. BKAT TV Playback Request Form

    BKAT TV playback request form.

  1. BKAT TV Bulletin Board

    TV Bulletin Board Message to appear on screen.

City Clerk

  1. Parking Complaints within the City of Bremerton
  2. Wildlife Report Submission Form

    Report the feeding or keeping of wild animals, raccoon problems or dead wildlife (on public property or right-of-way).

  1. Public Records Request


  1. Authorization to Remove Tresspassers
  2. Bremerton Police Department Citizen Auxiliary Patrol Application

    Volunteer as a Bremerton Citizen Auxiliary Patrol

  3. Bremerton Police Department Report An Issue

    Report issues or concerns to Bremerton Police

  4. Bremerton Police Department Vacation House Watch

    Request a vacation house watch by the Bremerton Police Department.

  1. Bremerton Police Department Ask the Chief

    Ask Bremerton Police Chief Strachan a question

  2. Bremerton Police Department Drug Tips

    Submit suspected drug activity to Bremerton Police

  3. Bremerton Police Department Traffic Tip

    Submit your traffic concerns to Bremerton Police

Public Works & Utilities

  1. Accessibility Complaint (Grievance) Form

    Complaint of access violation or discrimination

  2. Citizen Wheelchair Ramp Request Form

    Request installation of of a curb ramp to allow for wheelchair access

  3. Monument Preservation
  4. Street Closure Submission Form
  1. Accessibility Request Form

    Submit accessibility reqeusts

  2. Lebo Boulevard Road Improvements Project

    Open house Comment Card

  3. Stormwater Management Program Survey
  4. Sweeper Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

    Sweeper Pre-Trip Checklist: 15-08A