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Mayor's February 2007 Newsletter

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Police Department moves into New Headquarters
Finally, after 30 years of working out of substandard quarters in the old City Hall building on 4th Street and other locations around the City, the Police Department has moved into new quarters on Burwell Street. The City purchased the former Kitsap Credit Union building and a remodel of the building has been completed. Economic Development Director Gary Sexton and Police Chief Craig Rogers managed the remodel which came in on time and on budget. A grand opening will be held sometime in March or April. This building will allow all police department functions to operate in one facility.

Municipal Court moves to Pacific Avenue
Bremerton Municipal Court has also moved into new quarters at 900 Pacific Avenue. A remodel of the building was recently completed and Municipal Court is now open for business. The Court moved from the old City Hall site on 4th Street as that building has been sold. The Court will remain in this location until the City Council makes a decision on a long range plan. Dan Miller was the project manager and did a great job completing the project on time and on budget.

New Condominiums planned for Downtown
The M.S. Cavoad Co. announced its intention to build a second waterfront condominium project in downtown Bremerton. The plan is to build 110 units located just north of their current project, the 400 Washington Condominiums. That 66 unit project is almost finished and should be open sometime in April. The new project is awaiting final permit approval and construction is planned to begin sometime in Spring 2007. These projects are very important to the revitalization of downtown as they bring people that will shop in the stores, eat in the restaurants and bring new economic development to the City.

New Honda Facility at West Hills Autoplex
The Haselwood family and Rick Wiler are building a new and enlarged Honda dealership to replace their existing facility which they have outgrown. They also plan to demolish the old Coca Cola building and build a new Toyota facility on that site. Honda and Toyota have now become the largest selling automobiles in America and we are pleased to see this project go forward. Jeff Hecker, a local architect, designed the new facility.

Second Indoor Soccer Facility planned for Pendergast Park
Plans have been received for construction of a second indoor soccer center building to be located next to the existing soccer center at Pendergast Park. This fits in with the goal of providing more recreation activities for families in Bremerton. Last year, a new skate park was built in East Bremerton and there are plans to improve the outdoor soccer fields located at Pendergast Park.

Will Maupin elected Council President
Bremerton City Council elected Will Maupin as the new Council President and Brad Gehring as Vice President. Mr. Maupin is in his second term on City Council and represents District 8. He is a retired engineer from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, a graduate of Washington State University and an active senior basketball player at the YMCA. Will's wife Karen is the daughter of former Bremerton Mayor Whitey Domstad. I look forward to working with Mr. Maupin this year.

Passenger Ferry Levy Fails
The second ballot measure to support a Kitsap County fast ferry system has again failed with the voters. I am very disappointed as I believe increased and improved ferry service is critical to the City's future. Where do we go from here? I am not sure about the fast ferry issue but I do know we must protect what we have and attempt to have Washington State Ferry service improved. We need hour on the hour ferry service and our local legislators should make this their number one priority in Olympia. The fares continue to increase and customers now pay 90% of the ferry operating cost. They need to build the four new boats and increase service runs between Bremerton and Seattle.

REI has interest in moving to Bremerton/Kitsap County Area
Brad Johnson the CFO of REI announced at the Boy Scout annual breakfast last week that the world famous outdoor retail store is very interested in having a store in the area. They are looking at a location in Bremerton and other areas of the County. REI is a 1.2 billion dollar retail co-op with millions of members. As Bremerton is the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula, we would love to see them locate in Bremerton and be a part of the downtown revitalization. More to come!

Bremerton Schools Map the Future
Bremerton School District Superintendent Bette Hyde and the School Board have started a process called Mapping the Bremerton Schools Future and have formed a committee of interested citizens and parents to participate on the task force. I have been asked to serve and will do so with enthusiasm. The committee will look at the current program, study the future facility needs, and try to predict our future enrollment and budget demands. "It is time we took an assessment of where we are and where we want to be in 20 years," said Bette Hyde. I agree!

Mayor and Department Directors Set Goals for 2007
I spent two days with Department Directors to review progress made in 2006 and what we hope to accomplish in 2007. I am a very goal oriented individual and I expect staff to be the same. Much was accomplished in 2006 and an annual report will be issued in the first quarter of this year. One of the main topics of discussion at the retreat was communication and how we can better communicate with citizens, each other and all other interested parties. We have a strong dedicated staff of very bright, passionate professionals who want to lead this City to a bright future. I am proud to work with them.