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Kitsap Humane Society launches feral cat program

The Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) is pleased to announce the launching of a new program to help control the feral cat population in Bremerton. Over the past several years, KHS has seen an explosion of stray cats and kittens being brought into the KHS from the Bremerton area, with many of them being feral cats. KHS estimates there are more than 1,100 feral cats living within the city of Bremerton.

The overpopulation of such cats and their continuing reproduction can be problematic for any community. Feral cats can become a public nuisance and/or create issues for other cats. Many feral cats are wild, often engage in fighting and scavenging, and they breed prolifically. The large numbers of such cats coming to KHS adds to the burden of care the KHS must provide to the community.

The feral cat Trap/Neuter/Release program, commonly known as "TNR" is based on national research models. It is a proven, effective, human and cost-effective way of controlling feral cat populations. The KHS has received a grant from PetSmart Charities to run a pilot project to determine if it is possible to effectively reduce the feral cat population through a humane program of trapping and spay/neutering. The program is done in partnership with local citizen volunteers who are interested in helping KHS.

The KHS will lead and coordinate the TNR program within the city of Bremerton for the purpose of effectively stabilizing and gradually reducing Bremerton's free roaming cat population. KHS will work with volunteers, local spay/neuter groups, and community cat caretakers to implement the program. Benefits of this program include: fewer to no births, reduction of nuisance complaints by residents, alleviation of public health concerns, and conservation of animal control efforts.

The goal will be to TNR as quickly as possible all stray and feral cats in Bremerton who can be identified and captured with reasonable, good faith efforts. The realistic goal is not to 100 percent eliminate new litters of kittens, but to dramatically reduce their occurrence to no more than several a year and thereby cause the gradual reduction of the Bremerton feral cat population through attrition. Based on un-owned cat estimates by population density, KHS expects 600 Bremerton cats to be trapped and altered between now and December 31, 2013.

For additional information on this program, please visit the Kitsap Humane Society's website.