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Kitsap Public Facilities District

Thanks to the Kitsap Public Facilities District, the City of Bremerton and Kitsap County will soon have a stunning new waterfront conference center, office complex and retail shops.

Standing in front of the new Bremerton Harborside Kitsap Conference Center construction site are Kitsap Public Facilities District members (left to right) Linda Berry-Maraist, Anne Blair, Walt Draper, Rick Smith and Andy Maron.

The Kitsap Public Facilities District (KPFD) is a municipal corporation serving Kitsap County. It was established by the Board of County Commissioners in June, 2000, to build, improve and operate sports, entertainment and conference facilities. Funding comes through a non-voted sales tax rebate, fees, and private donations, as well as voter-approved sales tax. It is governed by a seven member Board of Directors appointed by the County Commissioners for four year, renewable terms.
  • District 1 (North County) Cy Wyse
  • District 2: (South County) Stephen Stagner, Treasurer
  • District 3: (Central County) Rick Smith
  • Bainbridge: Island Andrew Maron
  • Bremerton: Walter Draper, Chair
  • Poulsbo: Linda Berry-Maraist, Vice-chair
  • Port Orchard: Warren VanZee
Administrator Anne Blair oversees the day-to-day operations and coordinates project management and oversight responsibilities with Bror Elmquist, the contracted Project Development Coordinator, and Legal Counsel Blair Burroughs.

A Few Guiding Principles: Economic Development

The Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside and Kitsap Fairgrounds and Event Center will generate revenue by bringing regional and small national conferences (vendors, participants and guests), sports tournaments (organizers, participants, families and fans), and all the attendant media coverage into Kitsap County.

Efficient Use of Public and Private Money

Both the Kitsap Conference Center and Kitsap Fairgrounds and Event Center do the following:
  • leverage the state sales tax rebate managed by the KPFD to produce capital investment funding from bond sales.
  • Garner multiple funding sources from inside and outside Kitsap County, including

    • $ 1.5 million in federal and state grants for the tournament quality lighting for the Pavilion, baseball fields, and the fountain at Bremerton Harborside

    • $ 18 million from City of Bremerton

    • $ 1 million in matching funds from Kitsap County.

  • Spur private investment in Kitsap County. To date these investments include:

    • Nearly $ 20 million from Opus Development Corporation for the Bremerton Harborside

    • $ 30,000 dollars in-kind contribution from RainStorm for the rainwater/underground recycling system in the Fairgrounds parking lot.

Aerial view of the Bremerton Harborside Kitsap Convention Center construction
Photo courtesy of Soundview Aerial Photography.

The newest construction technologies in parking lot construction are being used at both projects, resulting in
  • water recycling and operating cost savings (approximately 40% or $ 50,000 dollars a year) and avoidance of runoff problems at the Fairgrounds
  • safety and earthquake damage prevention through rebar and tension-framing in the Conference Center underground parking structure.

Architect's drawing of the Kitsap Special Events Center. grass courtyard and parking area. Design and drawing by Dennis Oost, A.S.L.A

The innovative parking areas will feature low-impact lighting, flexible use grass-crete surfaces, and a rainwater recycling system for ballfield watering. The Grasspave2 surface will support tractor-trailer traffic in planted surroundings, while rainwater will penetrate through the permeable surface to collect in the Rainstore3 system below. The stored rainwater can then be used for irrigation. The combined system, itself constructed from recycled products, reduces costs by conserving both water and fertilizer.

Multiple Uses

Both the Kitsap Conference Center and the Kitsap Fairgrounds and Event Center feature multi-use facilities:
  • At the Fairgrounds and Event Center, baseball fields have soccer fields in the outfields and share parking, lavatory and concession facilities among four fields.
  • The Pavilion houses basketball, wrestling, volleyball, tennis badminton or community events with removable sports equipment and bleachers, as well as permanently lined sports flooring.
  • The Conference Center meeting spaces are appropriate for conferences and meetings, weddings and community receptions, and commercial and cultural exhibits.
Meeting Notices
  • The public is encouraged to attend meetings of the Kitsap Public Facilities District Board of Directors. Individuals who require accommodation to attend or participate in these meetings should contact the Kitsap Public Facilities District at 360/337-5356 or TDD 360/337-7275 or 1-900-816-2782.
  • Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, at 6:30 P.M. in the Eagle's Nest at the Fairgrounds and Event Center.

Message from Walt Draper, Chair, Board of Directors

When the County Commissioners established the Kitsap Public Facilities District, everyone acknowledged it would be necessary for all government agencies and private interests throughout the Kitsap County region to work cooperatively to find the means and methods necessary to provide these new and much-needed facilities. For the last four years, we have been doing just that.

The Kitsap Public Facilities District Board of Directors is proud of our partnerships and the work we are doing to develop conference and sports facilities in Kitsap County. That is why it is a pleasure to present this Winter 2004 Report to the Community.

Partnering with the County, the City of Bremerton, the County Facilities, Parks and Recreation Department, Kitsap Transit, WA State Ferries, Kitsap Consolidated Housing Authority, Port of Bremerton, Opus Northwest, LLC and Hotel Concepts, Inc. , the KPFD is transforming the Fairgrounds and downtown Bremerton with projects that support our local community and spur economic development.

With those all-important partnerships in mind, this Report updates you on the progress of the two capital projects the KPFD currently is helping to fund, without any tax or project cost to our residents. It also highlights tangible examples of some of the principles and priorities that are guiding the development of those projects.

Construction of the Kitsap Conference Center at the Bremerton Harborside and renovation of the Fairgrounds and Pavilion into a tournament-quality indoor/outdoor multi-sport complex and event center (appropriately renamed the Kitsap Fairgrounds and Event Center) are well-underway. The Pavilion will be ready for multi-sports play next month, the Grand Opening celebrations for the Conference Center are scheduled for July 2004, and the outdoor ball/soccer fields will be ready for the fall 2005 season. Both facilities will be 100% complete by September 2005.

In the meantime, I urge you to visit these new facilities and see for yourselves the benefits that come to a county when numerous public and private partners identify a need, share a commitment to meeting that need, and rely upon partnerships to accomplish the work.

The Board of Directors thanks you for your ongoing interest in our work. We welcome you to our Kitsap Public Facilities District meetings and invite you to participate in the dynamic process of building new facilities as a legacy for, and investment in a better future for Kitsap County.

This Report to the Community paid for by the Kitsap Public Facilities District
For more information, call 360/337-5356 or email