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Building Permit

A Building Permit is required for all construction or remodels in the City of Bremerton. This permit application will be distributed to all affected departments within the City. Approval will be based on department specific codes and ordinances.

Fire Department utilizes INTERNATIONAL FIRE CODE (IFC 2009 edition). This code was adopted by the State of Washington RCW 19.27 making the INTERNATIONAL CODE series the law for constructing and building.

After RCW 19.27 City of Bremerton reviews the IFC and RCW 19.27 and makes more restrictive adjustments to the IFC. This can be viewed on the Bremerton Municipal Code as title 18.02-City Fire Code. Washington State amendments to the IFC can be viewed at The IFC itself must be purchased from

It is highly recommended that designers and contractors purchase and study all the adopted codes to expedite your projects and limit costly delays.

Building permits can be applied for on the 6th floor of the NORM DICKS building 345 6th St. When a project requires either a FIRE ALARM system or FIRE SPRINKLER system, those plans must be submitted with to the Office of the Fire Marshal.

Once this permit has been approved, deviations from the approved plans MUST be submitted and approved PRIOR to those deviations. Your project will be substantially delayed if prior approval is not received. The City of Bremerton wants your project to be on budget and schedule; however this is the most likely cause of cost overruns and time delays.