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Download the Adopted Manette Sub Area Plan.

March 30, 2009Preliminary Draft made available for public comment
  • First public review draft - missing some parts related to building height measurements and streetscape standards
April 14, 2009Public Comment Summary
April 21, 2009Planning Commission Public Hearing Version
  • Added corrections identified by public comment
  • Added revised street standards from exercise on 3/30/09
  • Added height measurement from exercises on 3/30/09
April 21, 2009Final Planning Commission Minutes
April 29, 2009Planning Commission Recommended Plan
  • Removed zoning regulations and relied on existing City Zoning Code
  • Removed street standards
April 29, 2009Staff addition to Planning Commission recommendation
  • Add language to support street amenities

Downloadable Documents
Photos received to date, 02/24/2009.

Previous Photo Assignment
During the findings phase of the Charrette on January 26th at the Norm Dicks Gov't Center it was concluded that it would be a great idea for the community to show us what they would like to see in Manette.

The assignment is to take photos of the communities you enjoy to visit, the places that inspire, and the urban locations that make life enjoyable. And to could something of this nature be utilized in Manette? Would it adhere to the visions and goals for the community to keep the indefinable eclecticism a vivid part of Manette?

John Ales
Jordy Andrew
Richard Bruskrud
Adam Brockus
Jeff Hecker
Ken Hills
Holly James
Ruth Reese
Jane Rebelowski
Greg Wheeler
Mauntrece Zamzow
Key Communicators List
The Key Communicators have taken their time and dedication to ensure wide distribution of information and materials to the citizens of Manette. The Manette Key Communicators are a group of citizens that represent varied interests within the Manette Community; each of the members have committed that they will be fully dedicated to attending all public meetings and additionally will help design the Sub Area Plan process and help with communication and conduction of public meetings.

The purpose of the group is to ensure open lines of communication between City staff and Manette citizens. They will work with the City to conduct public outreach, preplanning of meetings, and to review/develop handout materials and other public relations pieces. These members will be hosting small intimate meetings from November 2008 to January 2009.

How to get involved
If you are interested in receiving updates to the Sub Area Planning process for Manette please contact Lindsey Sehmel at or (360) 473-5845 please provide your email address and contact information.