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A Transportation Benefit District (TBD) is a quasi-municipal corporation and independent taxing district creating for the sole purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, providing, and funding transportation improvements within the district. Bremerton's City Council created our TBD by ordinance number 5076 on February 9, 2009. Bremerton's TBD board voted to approve a $20 vehicle tab fee on December 7, 2011. Fees will begin to be assessed with July 2012 vehicle tab renewals. The district will continue to collect these revenues until they are at a sufficient level to fund transportation improvements, which are scheduled to begin in 2013.

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TBD Construction Project Status & Updates
Interlocal Agreement - City of Bremerton and TBD
Interlocal Agreement - TBD and WA Dept of Licensing
Resolution 5076 - Transportation Benefit District
Vehicles Subject to the Fee
Vehicles Not Subject to the Fee

Bremerton Transportation Benefit District
345 6th Street, Suite 600, Bremerton WA 98337
Shannon Corin, City Clerk -

I have a Bremerton address but I don't live within City limits. Am I subject to this fee? No. The fee only applies to those residents who live within the City limits.

Can I pay my fee at City Hall? No. The fee is assessed when you renew your car tabs/registration with the Department of Licensing. The DOL will collect the fee and distribute it to the transportation district for you.

The District has enacted $20 now. But can they raise this fee in future years? No. According to state statutes, once the fee is adopted, it cannot be increased during the life of the transportation benefit district without a vote of the people.

If in the future the county adopts a similar fee, will I have to pay both? No. Although the county also has the authority to create a TBD and enact up to a $20 car tab fee without a vote of the people, they would have to give you credit for any other TBD you are already paying. If the county enacts a fee greater than $20, you may be subject to the incremental difference.

Can the City of Bremerton use this money to help with revenue shortfalls in its General Fund or other funds? And how can I be sure this won't happen? No. State statue limits how this money may be used. The money collected from this fee may only be used for acquiring, constructing, improving, providing, and funding transportation improvements within the District. This includes preservation and maintenance of our transportation system. Also, state statute requires that the district specifically report how the money is spent each year to insure that this money is not used for purposes other than transportation.

Are TBD revenues required to be spent as they are collected? No. The board that creates the TBD must develop a plan that specifies the transportation improvements to be provided or funded by the TBD. The board can indicate if the funds will be used immediately or collected for a specific period prior to spending the accumulated funds.

Can TBD money be used for bond payments and/or grant matches? Yes, but only if the bond proceeds and/or grant is for an eligible transportation improvement.