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City of Bremerton
345 6th Street, Suite 600
Bremerton, WA 98337
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Download the City of Bremerton Parking Brochure for your guide on where to park in Downtown Bremerton.

Sheltered access to the ferry terminal, hotel, conference center and Harborside businesses and offices is available! Close to downtown businesses and new Government Center, the Bremerton Harborside Covered Parking Garage is located at 2nd and Washington under the Hampton Inn & Suites. Hourly rates and discounted monthly permits are available.

LEVEL 1 (Blue Level)
Reserved Parking for Hampton Inn, Kitsap Transit & Anthony's

HOURLY & ALL DAY PARKING - Level 2 & 3 (Green and Red Levels)
All day (up to 12 hours) - $8.00

MONTHLY PARKING - Level 3 only (Red Level)
Prepaid monthly parking permit - $140

Contact Impark at 360-616-4808 to reserve your monthly parking spot today!

Parking is also available at various downtown lots. Free parking can be found along downtown streets in 30 minute, 1 and 2 hour increments. For other transportation information, please visit our Local Transportation section.

Health District Clients: Clients visiting the Health District to receive services may park free up to one hour in the parking lot east of the Government Center on Sixth Street or in five designated on-street parking spaces on Fifth Street southeast of the Government Center. For questions about parking at the Health District's designated one hour parking lot please contact 360-337-5235.

Handicapped Parking: Handicapped parking spaces are available in the small lot north of, and adjacent to the Government Center on Sixth Street. Drivers may access these parking spaces from Sixth Street going east, using the driveway that passes in front of the building. This entrance may also be used to drop off passengers.

Other Government Center Visitors: If you are visiting the Government Center and are not there to receive Health District services, there are many parking options within easy walking distance of the Government Center.

Parking within two blocks of the Norm Dicks Government Center: There are private parking lots located on Fifth Street adjacent to the Government Center; and the City of Bremerton Parking Garage is located on Washington Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets. The all-day parking rate at these lots ranges from $5.00 to $6.00 per day. Payment accepted is cash, coin or electronic payment (Visa/MasterCard, etc.). Free one-hour and two-hour on-street parking is available on the streets around the Government Center.

Parking Enforcement: Time limits are monitored and strictly enforced at the Health District's Government Center parking lot on Sixth Street. Time limits are also enforced for on-street parking and at parking lots downtown.

New and replacement vehicle and visitor permits are issued by Impark, 245 4th St, Suite 306, Bremerton, WA 98337. The phone number is (360) 616-4808. Normal hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Items required for issue of residential parking permits:
  • Official proof of address
  • Vehicle registration or purchase documents
  • Picture ID
Official proof of address: (name and address must be on at least one of the following)
  • rental Agreement or current Rent Receipt that includes name and address
  • House Closing Documents
  • Mail (official source - i.e. utility bill, credit card bill, etc.)
  • Vehicle Registration (current)
  • Driver's License (current)
For complete details please download the Residential Parking Permit Rules PDF.