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General Information

Cases Heard by the Bremerton Municipal Court
The Municipal Court hears cases involving alleged violations of City of Bremerton ordinances and state statutes adopted therein, including but not limited to:
  • Misdemeanor criminal charges (domestic violence offenses, assault, theft, drug offenses, etc.)
  • Misdemeanor criminal traffic offenses (driving under the influence, physical control, reckless driving, etc.)
  • Traffic, parking infractions and photo enforcement
  • Requests for orders of protection and anti-harassment orders
The Municipal Court does not hear small claims or civil cases. The Kitsap County District Court hears these cases. Please contact their office at (360)337-7109 for further information.

Victims and witnesses may be subpoenaed to appear in court to testify and may be entitled to witness fees. In some cases, the Judge may order that the defendant pay for damages. Victims seeking restitution must submit documentation to the Prosecutor's office. Please visit the Norm Dicks Government Center, 6th floor, Community Development counter and ask for the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Failure to seek restitution during the criminal proceedings does not preclude a victim from pursuing civil remedies.

Bail Bonds
Cash bail or a bail bond may be required to be posted before a person can be released from jail during the pendency of their case. To obtain a bail bond a person must contact a bail bond company. If the bail is set as cash only, the person must post the cash amount set. Cash bail or a bail bond are generally maintained until the conclusion of the defendant's case. A person posting bail may request that the bail be returned at any of the defendant's scheduled court hearings. Depending on the circumstances, the Judge may or may not exonerate or return the bail.

Bail bonds and/or cash bail must be posted at the court office during office hours or at the Kitsap County Jail (614 Division St., Port Orchard) after hours and on weekends.

Paying Fines
Generally fines, court costs or penalties are due in full on the date assessed. The court may grant a thirty (30) day extension if you request it. If for any reason you are unable to pay in full within thirty (30) days, you may enter into a monthly payment agreement with Signal Credit Management Services. Signal is a private billing agency contracting with Bremerton Municipal Court to offer longer term payment options.

Please feel free to contact the court office to verify eligibility and for further information.

The Bremerton Municipal Court is pleased to offer an additional payment option for court fines, traffic fines and parking citations, using Paymentus Corporation, a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Electronic Checks.

If you would like to pay your fines on the internet, please go to the following web-site:


Court, Traffic Fines and Photo Enforcement Fines:

Please have your case number, amount of payment and form of payment ready.

If you would like to pay your fines by phone, please call:
Parking: 1-866-288-7528
Court, Traffic and Photo Enforcement Fines: 1-877-506-2985

Please have your case number, amount of payment and form of payment ready.The fee is $3.95 for up to a $300.00 payment. Payments over $300.00 will need to be processed separately and a fee will be charged for each payment. Payments will be posted to your account the next business day.
Failure to pay fines or penalties including parking infractions may result in one or more of the following:
  • Additional charges
  • Loss of driving privilege
  • Hold placed on your vehicle license
  • Referral to a collection agency
If your account is referred to a collection agency, substantial additional fees will apply. Legal action to collect this debt may include wage garnishment. You will be required to contact AllianceOne for all further payment on that account. You may reach AllianceOne toll free at 800-456-8838 or

Court Appointed Attorney
For those charged with a criminal or criminal traffic offense carrying the possibility of a jail sentence and who are unable to hire an attorney, a Court appointed attorney may be available. At arraignment you may ask the Court to appoint an attorney. You will be sent to the Court office where you will be asked to fill out a financial questionnaire. Using State guidelines, the clerk will determine your eligibility. You must be considered indigent in order to qualify.

Foreign and sign language interpreters are available for those who may need it during court hearings. Please contact the court prior to your hearing to make your request.

Individuals with Disabilities
All Court facilities are accessible to individuals using wheelchairs.

Jury Trials
The right to a trial by jury is one of our most important rights and is guaranteed by the Washington State and United States constitutions. In Municipal Court a pool of about 20 jurors will be called in for the jury selection process. The Judge, Prosecutor, Defense attorney and the one accused of the crime conduct this process in the courtroom. This process will eliminate all but 6 jurors, who will then be empanelled to hear the evidence.

During the jury trial the Judge will make decisions concerning legal issues that may arise. At times the jury may be removed from the courtroom while attorneys on both sides argue a point. In the end, it will be the jurors' job to decide the case based on the facts presented. You may be called upon to hear cases concerning simple assault, domestic violence assault, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Other offenses may include disorderly conduct, malicious mischief and theft, for example.

In Bremerton Municipal Court it is very rare to have a trial last more than two (2) days.

Jury Selection
Juror's names are selected at random from voter and/or driver's license registration records. The Kitsap County Clerk's office will mail out juror questionnaires to prospective jurors to determine qualification, gather returned data, assign juror numbers and then randomly draw those numbers when a jury panel is needed.

To qualify as a juror you must be eighteen (18) years old, a United States citizen and a resident of Kitsap County.

Jurors are paid $10.00 per day plus mileage to cover gas and parking expenses.