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Financial Services

Mission Statement
The Financial Services Department will strive to provide efficient and cost effective centralized services and support to all City departments to assist in improving the productivity and performance of City operations, City officials and staff. The Departments shall seek to protect and maintain the fiscal integrity and financial solvency of the City government through development and implementation of fiscally and operationally sound budgets, policies and procedures.

The Financial Services Department is located at the Norm Dicks Government Center, 345 6th Street, Suite 600, Bremerton, WA 98337. Offices open to the public 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday-Thursday. Offices are CLOSED to the public on Fridays.

Cathy Johnson -- (360) 473-5296
Director of Financial Services

Mike Riley -- (360) 473-5303
Assistant Finance Director

Shannon L. Corin -- (360) 473-5290
City Clerk

Function Descriptions

Financial Services is comprised of a multitude of operations consisting of the Finance Division, City Clerk, Public Access Television (BKAT) and Information Technology.

The Finance Division provides service support for both the external users and internal users by providing information to facilitate the decision-making process. The department's major program responsibilities include: annual budgeting, general accounting, purchasing, payroll, taxes/fees, tax/license administration, accounts receivable, management reporting, accounts payable, financing, interim and annual reports, and the preparation of various documents for the state and other professional organizations.

The Office of the City Clerk manages activities including those prescribed by State law with responsibility for: maintaining official City records including Minutes, Resolutions, Ordinances and contracts; Public Disclosure; the Parking Program Licensing, Budget and Contract Administration; Animal Control Licensing and Contract Administration; LEOFF I Pension Board and Budget Administration; and City Council liaison.

Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) is a cooperative effort between the City of Bremerton and Kitsap County to provide citizens with public education and governmental access television services. BKAT has three full time employees and many volunteers. It is managed as part of the Administrative Services and Finance Departments and is located at 7366 Tibardis Road, WA 98311.

Information Technology provides city departments with customized automated systems computer hardware/software support, local/wide area networks infrastructure support, design assistance, acquisition, installations, training and maintenance of hardware and software systems.


  • TREASURY/MANAGEMENT -- Responsible for the management of the city's cash, investment portfolio, banking services and financial programs. The Director of Finance serves as the chief fiscal advisor to the Mayor, Council and City Departments.
  • FINANCIAL PLANNING -- Manages the development of the budget, capital improvement program and financial forecasting. Staff serves as in-house consultants to all departments, assisting them resolve operational, budget, capital and other fiscal and policy-related issues.
  • FINANCIAL OPERATIONS -- Provides support services in the areas of Accounts Payable, Payroll, Purchasing and General Accounts Receivable.
  • ACCOUNTING -- Manages the recording and reporting of all financial transactions and activities occurring within the City in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Accounting personnel serve as consultants to all departments to assist in the development of accounting procedures that fit operational needs.
  • CITY COUNCIL SUPPORT -- Provide parliamentarian support of Council meetings.
  • RECORDS MANAGEMENT -- Coordinate imaging and archiving and retention systems for all City departments.
  • CONTRACT MANAGEMENT -- Library for all City contracts, leases and legal documents; monitor for insurance and expiration; and directly manage city-wide service contracts and leases.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE -- Provide cashiering, clerk and tax/license services to citizens.
  • TAX/LICENSE -- Provide collection and accounting services for local license fees and taxes.
  • CODES & ORDINANCES -- Maintain and Bremerton Municipal Code and review ordinances for codification.
  • PENSION BOARDS -- Administer LEOFF I benefits programs.
  • PURCHASING ADMINISTRATION -- Coordinates the City's procurement and contracting activities.