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Ivy Green Cemetery

Ivy Green Cemetery
1401 Naval Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98312
(360) 473-5305

Ivy Green Cemetery is a division of the Bremerton Parks & Recreation Department. Ivy Green Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Bremerton Parks & Recreation Department. It is 15 acres and is open to the public every day from 8:00 AM until dusk.

Ivy Green Cemetery has a large military section with all services represented. The local veterans' organizations are active in volunteering with events that honor Bremerton's military heritage. Ivy Green Cemetery is the site of the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" honoring those fallen military men and women. John H. Nibbe, Civil War hero is also buried here, as well as Wesley Harris, the Marine that Navy gun range on way the to Seabeck is named after.

Many of Bremerton's civilian pioneer families, such as the Dietz, Warren, Gorst, and Harrison families, are also buried here.

Cemetery Hours:
Open to the public every day from 8:00 AM until dusk

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Telephone: (360) 473-5305
Office location: 680 Lebo Blvd
Cemetery location: 1401 Naval Avenue

All families, military and civilian, are welcome to use Ivy Green Cemetery for burial needs. Please call the Bremerton Parks & Recreation Office for details regarding pre-need arrangements, cremation burial, monuments and monument setting fees.