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Parks & Recreation Commission

Bremerton Parks & Recreation Commission
The Bremerton Parks & Recreation Commission is a volunteer advisory board established by ordinance. The Mayor appoints commissioners for three-year terms. The Commission consults with and makes recommendations to the Director regarding the Parks & Recreation Department's policies for the planning, development and use of the City's park and recreation facilities and services. The Commission conducts public hearings and meetings on a variety of issues affecting the Parks & Recreation Department.

How to become a Parks & Recreation Commissioner
If you wish to serve as a Parks & Recreation Commissioner, you can obtain an application from the Mayor's office. When a vacancy occurs, the Mayor and Parks & Recreation Director interview applicants. Subsequently, the Mayor submits the nomination to the City Council for appointment.

Public Meetings
The Bremerton Parks & Recreation Commission meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at Sheridan Community Center, 680 Lebo, in the Conference Room, at 5:30PM. The public is encouraged to attend all Commission meetings and is invited to comment on issues during public hearings at all regularly scheduled public meetings. Written comments are welcome.

2014 Schedule of Meetings:
(4th Tuesday of the Month, 5:30PM @ Sheridan Park Community Center)
January 28
February 25
March 25
April 22
May 27
June 24
July 22
August 26
September 23
October 28
November 25
December 23

Parks & Recreation Commission 2014 Members:
John Larson, Chair
Colleen Smidt, Vice-Chair
Elizabeth "Sunny" Wheeler
Robert Dollar
Richard Nerf
Jeremiah Wiley
Patrick Watson

Contact the Parks & Recreation Commission:
Parks & Recreation Commission
680 Lebo Blvd.
Bremerton, WA 98310

For Bremerton Parks & Recreation Commission Business, please call (360) 473-5305 or email: