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Request for Bids/Proposals

Restore NAD Park Cabin
The City of Bremerton is seeking proposals for the restoration and lease of a 748 square foot * log cabin located at 1900 Austin Drive, within Naval Ammunition Depot (NAD) Park. The cabin is believed to have been built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The structure served as the Depot entry guardhouse until 1959 when facility operation by the US Navy stopped. In 1962 the cabin was transferred to the City of Bremerton as a part of a larger community park. The structure was vacant until 1989 when the Boy Scouts partially renovated the cabin and used it as a Scout store. Scout usage ended in June of 2014.

An inspection report on the cabin was performed by Art Anderson Associates Engineering firm in the spring of 2014. The report documents the condition of the cabin and makes repair recommendations. This report is available from the Bremerton Parks and Recreation Department. Interested parties may arrange a tour of the cabin by calling 360-473-5305. The City seeks a non-profit group or similar organization to restore the cabin in exchange for granting a rent free lease of the building for a period of 5 years with lessee's option to extend for an additional term of 5 years.

*cabin has a 14' x 22' addition that is not part of the original C.C.C. log structure.

Proposals to include the following elements
  1. Name, address and mission statement of your organization
  2. How will the cabin be used by your group during the lease period? Will it be accessible to the public? If yes explain amount and circumstances of anticipated public use.
  3. Outline your approach to making cabin repairs, include sequencing, timetable, interim stabilization steps, who do you anticipate will perform the repair work?
  4. How will the repairs be funded? If fundraising is integral to the repairs please outline your fundraising plan.
  5. Does your organization have prior experience performing building renovation\repair projects? Explain any relevant experience or qualifications your group has in the areas of construction trades, structural renovation, permitting, architecture or engineering, log structure repairs.
  6. Names of Board of Directors and Officers
  7. Title and signature of person authorized to submit proposal
Proposals are due on or before October 30th at 5:00 PM. City of Bremerton Parks and Recreation Department 680 Lebo Blvd. Bremerton, WA, 98310.