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City of Bremerton
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Bremerton area water, wastewater and stormwater is managed by the City of Bremerton Water Department.

Billing Questions
For questions regarding bills, rates and consumption please contact the City of Bremerton's Utility Billing at:

100 Oyster Bay Ave N
Bremerton, WA 98312-3492
(360) 473-5316
fax (360) 473-2330
Monday-Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM

For all other non-billing water related questions, please contact the City of Bremerton's Customer Response line at (360) 473-5920.

For discolored water flushing instructions please click here or call the City's Water Hotline at (360) 473-5490.

More Information
Please click on below links for more information.

After-hours payment
For your convenience, a drop box is located next to the front door at the Utility Billing Office, 100 Oyster Bay Ave N, Bremerton WA 98312-3492. Payments made in the drop box during the day or after-hours will be posted the following business day. The City will not be responsible for cash payments left in the drop box. Back to top

Automatic payments
Utility bills may be withdrawn automatically from your checking account. Download the automatic payment form. Please contact the Utility Billing Office for more information at (360) 473-5316. Back to top

Billing service inquiries
If you think your billing is incorrect, or suspect that you may have a leak, please call our billing office for assistance at (360) 473-5316. ALL DISPUTES must be submitted in writing to the Utility Billing Office, 100 Oyster Bay Ave N, Bremerton WA 98312-3492. Back to top

Delinquent accounts
Bills become delinquent if not paid by the due date and are subject to a past due fee of $2.50 and 1% of the balance. All delinquent billings should be paid at the Utility Billing Office, 100 Oyster Bay Ave N, Bremerton WA 98312-3492 to avoid interruption of service. For more information regarding payment arrangements, please contact the billing office at (360) 473-5316. If payment is not received or specific arrangements made to bring a delinquent account current, the account may incur additional service charges and may be processed for shut-off. Back to top

During business hours, please contact Utility Maintenance & Operations at (360) 473-5920. For after-hour emergencies, please dial 9-1-1. An after-hours fee may apply if a service person is dispatched. Back to top

Property owners are responsible
Billing made in the name of the tenant or occupant is for the convenience of the property owner. The property owner must authorize all billing information changes and a signature may be required for tenant changes. This does not relieve the owner of responsibility for payment should the tenant/occupant of the service address fail to pay for their charges. Collection of outstanding charges for vacated tenants is the responsibility of the owner. The owner of record will be mailed a duplicate delinquent notice should the account become past due. All charges remain against the property. Failure to pay may result in the discontinuation of service and/or a lien on the property. Back to top

Start of Service/Final Billing
Notification in writing is required upon transferring ownership of the property. Your account may contain charges for water, sewer or stormwater, depending on your service location. The utility account will continue to be billed for all minimum monthly charges until written notification is received of the sale and transfer of property. Download the Owner/Tenant Change form in PDF format. Back to top

Utility payments
Your bill is due upon receipt and is considered past due if not received by the due date shown on the bill. Payments made after the date due may not appear on the next billing statement. You may make your payment online, in person or over the phone. Mail your payment in the return envelope provided and be sure to include the RETURN portion of the bill and include your account number on the check to ensure proper credit to your account. Payments may be made in person at the Utility Billing Office, 100 Oyster Bay Ave N, Bremerton WA 98312-3492. Please pay by check or money order made payable to "City of Bremerton". Back to top

Please visit the PW&U FAQs page for more utility information.