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Car Wash

Information about:
* Home car washing
* Fund-raiser car washes
* Mobile vehicle washing operations
* Commercial car washes

The Problem
Washing or steam cleaning vehicles produces wash water containing petroleum hydrocarbons, oils, greases, other organic compounds, nutrients, heavy metals, and suspended solids. Dirty, soapy water going to local storm drains can harm water quality, as well as fish and wildlife in our streams, lakes, and Puget Sound.

It is illegal to discharge untreated wash water to storm water drainage systems (regulations: Revised Code of Washington 90.48, Bremerton Municipal Code 15.04.120).

The Solution is Simple!

Home Car Washing
  • Take your car to a commercial car wash. These businesses are properly connected to the sewer system where the wastewater is treated. Some car washes even recycle their wash water. The following commercial car washes are located within the City of Bremerton:
    • Albertson's on Wheaton Way,
    • Auto Center Car Wash on 1st & Bruenn,
    • Burwell Landing Car Wash (recycles and will also host charity groups),
    • Shur Kleen at 3311 Kitsap Way (recycles),
    • Shur Kleen Car Wash on Wheaton Way,
    • Texaco on Werner (recycles), and
    • The Car Wash at 2410 Wheaton Way.
  • Wash with mild detergents on a grassy area that allows water to soak into the ground. Do not wash your car on a paved driveway or street where contaminated water can enter the storm system.
Fund-raiser and Mobile Vehicle Washing
  • Your nonprofit organization can sell car wash coupons redeemable at select car washes. This is an environmentally friendly alternative. For more information, call the Puget Sound Car Wash Association Charity Car Wash Program at (206) 622-8425 or
  • Burwell Landing will host charity car washes. Call 253-355-2277 for more information.
  • Kitsap County Public Works also has a Fundraising Made Easy car wash program for nonprofit groups within Kitsap County. Call (360) 697-1144 or visit
  • Manage your polluted waste water. Carwashes held in locations where the water will drain into a sanitary sewer are allowed within the City of Bremerton. These discharges are not allowed to enter the storm sewer. All charity carwashes must conform to the Ecology Best Management Practices Manual #WQ-R-95-056 (see web site below). The property owner hosting the charity car wash is liable for any environmental damage caused by the event. Call the Customer Response Line at 360-473-5920 for more information.

Commercial/ Fleet Vehicle Washing
  • Select and pave an area to wash vehicles, discharge wash water from vehicle cleaning operations to a sanitary sewer, holding tank, or process treatment system or use an enclosed recycling system.
  • Wash areas should be well marked with signs showing where and how washing is to be done. Engine or part cleaning may be done in a designated wash area. This is only if the area is paved and no petroleum products are used (detergents or surfactants may be used). The local sewer authority must grant approval to discharge wash water to the sewer system. The wash water must be discharged to a sanitary sewer, and the area equipped with a process treatment system approved by the City.
  • Oil changes and other engine maintenance should not be conducted in the designated vehicle washing area.
Other Helpful Hints
  • Use automatic shut-off hose nozzles to save water.
  • Stay away from cleansers with "Caution", "Danger" or "Warning" on the labels.
  • Avoid cleansers with chlorine, chlorine bleach, nitrates, phosphates, and ammonia.
  • Use a waterless car wash product.
  • Make your own cleaning solution using non-toxic household ingredients.
  • Car wash coupons make a great gift!
  • Check out the WA Department of Ecology's Vehicle and Equipment Washwater Discharges Manual.