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Bay Vista

**Please note Westpark Subarea Plan has been changed to Bay Vista Subarea Plan per Ordinance 5077 on February 18, 2009**

Bay Vista Sub Area Plan as Approved by City Council - Ordinance 5202Re-Envisioning Westpark
The Westpark public housing community was originally constructed in 1941 as temporary housing for shipyard workers and is now owned and operated by the Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA). In 2006 a new Westpark is envisioned as an urban mixed-use, mixed-income, pedestrian oriented community. In the new Westpark a variety of types and styles of housing will meet the needs of a range of income groups, and retail and commercial opportunities will satisfy everyday shopping needs.

Westpark Sub-Area Plan
The City Council adopted the Westpark Sub Area Plan per Ordinance 4998 on February 7, 2006. The Westpark Sub Area Plan establishes the vision and the development standards for Westpark's transformation. The Sub-Area Plan is based on extensive community participation that took place during the spring, summer and fall of 2006. The Sub-Area Plan lays out a plan for roads, buildings, parks & open space, and high quality design in the new Westpark.

Download the Bay Vista (Previously Westpark) Environmental Documents: