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Tax & Licensing

The Annual Exemption for B&O Tax has been raised to $100,00 for 2014 and $120,000 for 2015.

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Do you need a City of Bremerton business license? Fill out the License Check Sheet to find out.

Bremerton Municipal Code 5.02 requires that anyone engaging in any business activity in the City limits, first obtain a City of Bremerton business license by filling out a business license application form.

The business license fee is currently $75 per year but it is prorated monthly through the calendar year for new applicants. Once you are registered, you will receive a license renewal notice every December. Please be aware that your license fee is nonrefundable regardless of applying in error or subsequent denial of your application.

A change in ownership of a business requires that the new owner apply for a new license.

If a business is conducted at two or more places within the City, a separate license is required for each place at which business is conducted.

If more than one business is conducted at a single location, a separate license is required for each business.

After registering, if you close or sell your business, it is your responsibility to inform the Tax & License Department in writing. Failure to do so, could result in penalties against your account. The Business Changes form is available below.

Tax Return Form
The Tax Return form is now available in either Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format.
  • 2014 Tax Return Form pdf | xls
  • 2014 Tax Return Form Instructions pdf
  • 2013 Tax Return Form pdf | xls
  • 2013 Tax Return Form Instructions pdf
  • 2012 Tax Return Form and Instructions pdf | xls
  • 2011 Tax Return Form and Instructions pdf | xls
  • 2010 Tax Return Form and Instructions pdf
  • Job Credits Info & Supplemental Sheet pdf
  • Service Income Apportionment Worksheet xls
  • Business Changes Form xls | pdf
Association of Washington Cities:
Washington State Department of Revenue:

Anyone renting or leasing real property inside Bremerton City limits is required to obtain a general business license, as provided in BMC 3.48.025 by filling out a Landlord Business License Application form.

Additionally, BMC 5.06 (eff. 1/1/14) requires landlords to provide the City with a complete listing of all rental properties inside Bremerton city limits and an e-mail address or other method of contact acceptable to the Bremerton Police Department for participation in the Landlord Notification Program.

Landlords must also sign a declaration that all dwelling units comply with RCW 59.18.060 of the Landlord Tenant Act and do not present conditions that endanger or impair the health or safety of the tenants.

This checklist should be used as a guide for determining that the dwelling units meet the minimum standards of the Landlord Tenant Act.

The City of Bremerton is pleased to announce you may now renew and make changes to your business or landlord licenses online. To do so, please visit the Business & Landlord License Online Center.

To login to your account, you will need your license number and access code. To obtain your access code, send your request and license number to Please note, a $2.95 convenience fee only applies to making payments and does not apply to making changes to account information.

Download the procedure and form.

Bremerton Municipal Code 5.36 requires that any person, firm, company or corporation running, managing, operating or conducting any circus, parade, carnival games/rides, street fairs, sidewalk sales, or other promotional activity within the City must first obtain a regulatory license in addition to a business license. Please download and complete the Special Event Application.

Special Event Permit Fee: $100.00/event

Contact the Tax & License division at 360-473-5311 or 360-473-5298 or email

In addition to a business license, the following regulatory licenses may be required for your business:
  • Charitable Solicitation (Non-Profit), Professional Fundraiser
  • Dance/Public
  • Erotic Dance Studios Dancers
  • Peddlers
  • Mobile Food Vendor
  • Street/Sidewalk Vendor
Please contact the City of Bremerton Tax and License division for additional information on applying for a Regulatory License, or click here to download the Regulatory License Application.

Please visit the City Clerk's Animal Licensing page for information on animal and chicken licensing.